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arising from the 1927 "dohoda"
full text reference: dohoda
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b)Dr. Max Ervín Lobkowicz pledges furthermore, that on the basis of this agreement, which is at the same time a debit note, within one month of the court decision he shall ensure with registration a further sum of 6 000 000 (six million Czechoslovak crowns) in favour of the minor Zdenek Hyacint Lobkowicz. At the same time the parties agreed that the said sum of 6 000 000 crowns is payable after 6 months to both parties in the form of free withdrawal against a 6 percent interest from the date of delivery of the decision of the court court approval of this contract, so that this interest and in the case of their late payment, further 6 percent for default is payable six months retroactively. The following fideicimmissum (family) estatesserve as guarantee for this debt: Bílina estate registered in supplement No 300 of the zemskyfiles as a main guuarantee and Novosedly nad Bilou and Jezerí estates in file No 840 of the zemsky files, as additional guarantees.
c) To ensure the future of the minor Zdenek Hyacinth Lobkowicz as well as possible, Dr. Max Ervín Lobkowiczirretractably pledges to sell to the minor Zdenek Hyacinth Lobkowicz one of the 3 premises, i.e. either the Lobkowicz manor, registered in supplement 896 of the zemsky files (from so-called allodial property) of the Nelahozeves estate, registered in suppl958 of the zemsky files and exluded from confiiiscation/nationalization in accordance with § 20 of the appropriate Act or subject to  the approval of the State Land Office, the Jezerí Castle with forests of at least 1000 to 1500 hectares, registered in suppl. No 992 of the zemsky files at a market price, which will be agreed between the parties on the basis of expert evidenceand is subject to court approval.
If the contracting parties do not come to an  agreement, regarding the market price of one of the premises, the district court for Prague West shall fix these prices for both parties legally and irrevocably, as the court of ward of the minor Zdenek  Hyacint Lobkowicz, and this shall be done after hearing of the court experts.
The compensation sum that Dr. Max Ervin Lobkowicz is to ensure according to para. II ab b) of this agreement, or the sum that Dr. Max Evin Lobkowicz is to place as a court deposit according to para. II ab a) will be reduced by the purchase price agreed between the parties or stated by the court.
The commitment to sell one of thee aformentioned premises constitutes the integral part of this contract.
But the agreement on the purchase and sale of the aforementioned estates shall be concluded between the parties within two months of the court approval of this contract, otherwise the planned purchase of one of the aformentioned estates shall be abandonded and the obligation of Dr. Max Ervín Lobkowicz for the refistration ensurance of the aformentioned sum of 6 000 000 crowns with 6 percent interest, 6 percent interest default and a surety of 120 000 crowns for the extra obligations comes into effect, and the paternal guardian of the minor Zdenek Hyacint Lobkowicz wil be entitled to, with a proviso of the court approval, to find another suitable real estate for purchase, not from the Lobkowicz family.
Interest on both sums of 10 000 000 crowns and 6 000 000 and the yield on the purchased estate, while preserving its substance, which will be available for the period till Zdenek Hyacint comes of age, will be paid to his parents in equal parts and in the case of death of one of them to the one alive in the same amount, and that for the reason, that except the appanage neither of them has any other income and so that theycould take care of their son' s eduacation appropriate to his position.

Dr. Max Ervin Lobkowicz shall deposit a further sum of 4 000 000 crowns (four million Czechoslovak crowns) to the hands of Dr. Bedrich Lorman, lawyer in Prague, in equal parts for husband and wife Dr. Ferdinand Lobkowicz and Klotilda Lobkowiczová within 14 days of the approval of this contract. In the case of death of one of them the whole remaining sum belongs to the one alive in the full amount.