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Besides the Fideicommis properties, the Lobkowicz-Roudnice possessed allodial properties in Bilina and Vysocky Chlumec as well as the Lobkovice Castle end Estate.
Ferdinand Joseph received as obligatory part and in personal title, from his father Ferdinand Zdenko's inheritance the following allodial properties:

- Lobkovice (by Neratovice), comprising parcels in Lobkovice, Mlekojedy, Neratovice, Tisice, Kozly, Cakovicky
- A forest in Skrysov (Svati Jan)

The management of the allods was separated from that of the properties of the (ex-) Fideicommis as a result of the legal actions brought by Max against his father (between 1928 and 1938), an thus remained property of Ferdinand Zdenko until his death.

Since we were forbidden the access to the will of Ferdinand Zdenko, we don't know who were the testamentary heirs of the allods.
Copies of this crucial will should be found in the Lobkowicz Archives in Zitenice, and the court archives, of Bilina, Kralupy, Prague, Vienna. Yet all documents regarding the Lobkowicz, private as well as public, were centralized in Litomerice and Zitenice under the during the communist era, when the was no distinction between private and state property.

The paragraph VIII of the 1927 agreement suggests that Ferdinand Zdenko intended to preserve the rights of his grand-children on his allodial properties.

So far, courts have denied us the right of access to the family archives, which have in the meantime been handed over to Max's branch, without distinction of what was public (such as inheritance acts) and personal, Fideicommis and Allodial. We cannot even consult the correspondence between my mother and grandparents and their closest relatives, which were accessible to anyone during the communist times.

In the early days of restitution, William, the grandson of Max Lobkowicz and myself had agreed that if the Ferdinand Zdenko's will wasn't to be found, any allodial property that would be returned would be shared between us, because in terms of the restitution laws we were the only legitimate claimants. My point of view was that FZL's inheritance should eventually be returned to the rightful heirs according to the will - should it be found - once the restitution process is completed.